Using the Class Toolbar

Using the Class Toolbar

The Class Toolbar is present on class screens. If a class has been entered but not started, the Class Toolbar shows a green START CLASS button. Active-class only functions (Push Website  Blank Screen, and Limit Web) are disabled. Refer to the table below for more information about each button's function.

If a class has started, the START CLASS button is not present. All other buttons become active, and the Class Toolbar looks similar to the below.

Button Functions

Additional Information
Exit Class (1)
Exits an open class.
See also the "End a Class" section in the LanSchool Air User Guide.
Starts a class. The START CLASS button does not display after the class becomes active.
See also the "Start a Class" section in the LanSchool Air User Guide.
Class Settings (3)
Opens the Class Settings page.
From the Class Settings page, you can:
  1. Update class details (class name, class description, class banner)
  2. Update the class roster
  3. Set web limiting options
  4. Set blank screen options
  5. Remove the class
Add Devices (4)
Adds student Windows and Mac devices.
Use this to add additional Windows or Mac student devices to LanSchool Air. For complete instructions, see:
  1. Installing LanSchool Air for Windows Student
  2. Installing LanSchool Air for Mac Student
Change Class View (5)
Changes the class view. 

Options are:
  1. Grid View
  2. List View
  3. Group View
  4. Set All to Active Tab View
  5. Set Selected to Active Tab
  6. Set All to Desktop View
  7. Set Selected to Desktop View
Change Tile Size (6)
Changes the student thumbnail size in Grid View.
Options are:
  1. XS (X-Small)
  2. S (Small)
  3. M (Medium)
  4. L (Large)
  5. XL (X-Large)
Push a website (7)
Pushes a website out to student screens.
See also Pushing a Website to Students. Not available until class has started.
Blank student screens (8)
Pushes a blank screen out to student screens.
Blank screen options can be customized during setup or changed later.  See also Using Blank Screen. Not available until class has started.
Limit student websites (9)
Limits the websites students are allowed to view.
Web limiting can be configured during setup or changed later. See also Using Web Limiting. Not available until class has started.

Example Demonstration

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