Sharing Instructor Screen with the Class

Sharing Instructor Screen with the Class

This feature is currently in Early Access. To request this feature be enabled for your LanSchool Air organization, please contact the Customer Success team.


When a class is started, the instructor has the ability to broadcast their screen to the student devices. The instructor can choose to share their entire screen with the class, only an application window or a specific browser tab.

This is a great way to demonstrate a lesson or present to students directly on their screens rather than on a projector or smart display in the front of the classroom.

Watch this quick video demonstration of how to use share screen in LanSchool Air:

Starting a Screen Share

  1. Start a class.
  2. Click the Share Screen  button in the classroom toolbar. A window will appear asking what the instructor wants to share:
    1. An entire screen
    2. A single application window
    3. A single browser tab
  3. Select an option and click the Share button.
The instructor will be notified that their screen is currently being shared and a small preview window will appear in the lower right corner of the screen.

If the chat sidebar was open prior to enabling screen sharing, it will be minimized to ensure that any conversations are not shared accidentally. The chat sidebar can be re-opened anytime, even while sharing the screen.

What do students see?

As soon as sharing begins, a window will appear on all student devices in the class showing both the instructor's shared screen and the option to chat or raise hand.

Enabling Full Screen Sharing

Enabling Full Screen sharing when starting a broadcast is a great way to make sure the window is front and center on student devices.
By default, students can minimize or re-size the window where the instructor's screen is being displayed. To change this behavior and lock students into the broadcast, the instructor can enable Full Screen sharing.
  1. While sharing, toggle the "Full Screen" option to the right to enable it
  2. The window on the students' devices containing the broadcasted screen will enlarge to take up the entire screen. Students will be unable to resize or close the window, but will still be able to chat or raise hand.
  3. Toggling the Full Screen option off will allow students to minimize or re-size the broadcast window again.

Stopping a Screen Share

  1. While sharing their screen, the instructor can click the "Stop Sharing" button in the lower right corner of the screen to stop broadcasting to students.

  2. On the student devices, the broadcast will stop and the window will be reduced to only the LanSchool chat dialog.

Troubleshooting Share Screen

Possible Error Messages

During periods of high activity, you may see an error message that says "we are unable to start your screen share. Please retry and if the issue persists, contact support.

If this occurs, please close the error message and try sharing your screen again after waiting 90 seconds. If the error message persists after several attempts, please contact our support team.

Enable Screen Recording Permission on macOS 10.15+

If running macOS 10.15 (Catalina) or later, you may need to enable the Screen Recording permission for your browser. 
  1. On the instructor's Mac device, navigate to System Preferences 
  2. Select Security & Privacy
  3. In the Screen Recording section, check the box next to Google Chrome (or whichever browser LanSchool Air is using).
  4. Select "Quit Now" when prompted to close the browser and restart it.

Check your network firewall or content filter

LanSchool Air may require that your IT staff allow additional websites through your network's firewall, proxy, or content filter in order for Screen Share to work properly. Please share the following information with them:

Site Addresses / IP Ranges
*  - - - - -

TCP 80, 443
TCP 5060
TCP 20,000 - 40,000
UDP 8766 - 40,000

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