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        • Viewing Student Client Status

          Overview If a student device is appearing as offline, check the status of LanSchool Air client installed on the student's device to make sure it's provisioned and connected. To see the current status of the student client, open the LanSchool Air chat ...
        • Using Web Limiting

          Overview To block troublesome or distracting websites or limit students to a select few websites pertinent to the class, use the Web Limiting feature in LanSchool Air. There is currently no limit on the number of URLs that can be added to the block ...
        • Mass Deploying LanSchool Air for Chromebook Student

          This guide walks site administrators through the process of deploying the LanSchool Air app to students using Chromebooks and getting LanSchool Air ready for instructors to use. For information on installing the LanSchool Air app to Windows or Mac ...
        • Controlling Student Browser Tabs

          Overview Controlling browser tabs is currently supported for students using Chromebooks. Students on Windows or macOS devices will only display the most recently viewed website. In List View and Student Details, you have added controls over tabs on a ...
        • Using Blank Screen

          Overview LanSchool Air's customizable Blank Screen feature enables you to push a Blank Screen to your students' computers. When you enable Blank Screen, students are not able to view or listen to anything on their device until the Blank Screen is ...
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        • Generating Audit Reports

          Overview Audit reports detailing changes made to the LanSchool Air environment are available to LanSchool Air Site Admins. These reports track who made the changes and when. Accessing Audit Reports LanSchool Air Site Admins can access audit reports. ...
        • Importing Class Rosters from ClassLink

          Overview LanSchool Air supports using ClassLink as a source for class rosters. With ClassLink integration, instructors will not need to manually create classes and manually add students to their class rosters. Instructors can still create their own ...
        • Deploying LanSchool Air Using Jamf Pro

          Overview The LanSchool Air for MacOS agent supports a few different deployment methods. See Mass Deploying LanSchool Air for Mac Student for more detailed instructions. Please note that our support team can only provide limited assistance with ...
        • Disabling Fast User Switching

          Overview LanSchool Air does not support Windows Fast User Switching feature. The student client will not function properly when the computer is switched to a second user account. It is recommended to disable Fast User Switching in order for the ...
        • Configuring Idle Timeout

          Overview By default, instructors will be automatically logged out of LanSchool Air after they have been idle for 2 hours. Site Admin users can configure the idle timeout settings to increase the amount of time instructors can remain idle before being ...

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