LanSchool Air User Guide

LanSchool Air User Guide

Who Should Use this Guide?

  1. Teachers who have received an invitation from a site admin to create a LanSchool Air account
  2. Site admins who are setting up an account for a teacher

What Does this Guide Cover?

This guide provides instructions for:
  1. Activating your LanSchool Air account (after being invited by your site admin)
  2. Setting up a classroom
  3. Using a classroom
  4. Getting help
  5. Sending feedback
Download or print a copy of our LanSchool Air Quick Start Guide (PDF). It makes a great "cheat sheet" for teachers!

This video introduces teachers to the all the features of LanSchool Air:

Accept Your LanSchool Air Invitation

Select the activation link in the email invitation sent to you by your organization's LanSchool Air Site Admin. The link expires in 30 days, so if it's not working for you, reach out to your LanSchool Air admin (generally a member of your IT team) and ask them to resend it.  

LanSchool Air automatically validates your email address, and an account creation pop-up displays. 

Create an Account

There are two options for creating a LanSchool Air account:
  1. Use your email and password
  2. Use your Google Account

Option 1: Create an Account with Email and Password

To create an account with an email and password:
  1. Click on Accept to accept the invitation sent from your Site Admin.

  2. Create your password following the password requirements.

  3. Create your profile by entering your first and last name. Select Create Account.

The new account will use the email address that your invitation was sent to.

Option 2: Create an Account with Google

If you prefer, you can create an account using Google instead of an email address and password.
  1. Click on Accept to accept the invitation sent from your Site Admin.

  2. Click on Google to use your Google Account.

  3. Select the Google account to use.

  4. You will be logged in to LanSchool Air automatically.
To login to LanSchool Air again, click the Sign in with Google button on the login page.

Create a Class 

A class contains a roster of either students or devices that you want to manage at a given time. You can create a class from scratch,  sync with Google Classroom (for Chromebook students only), or a site admin can import classes from Clever. For instructions on creating and managing classes, see, see Creating and Managing Classes.

Start a Class

  1. Log in to LanSchool Air. The CLASSES page shows your classes on class cards.

  2. Select the class card for the class to start. 

  3. From the Class Toolbar, select START CLASS

Use the Classroom

Some options may have been configured during account setup, but you can always return to them to change the settings:  
  1. Limit the websites your students can view
  2. Push a blank screen with an optional message to all students' screens
  3. Push a website to all students' screens
  4. Message an individual student
  5. Capture a screenshot of a student's screen

Switch Class Views

Class views enable teachers to change the way in which students display for a class. Students can be displayed in grid view, list view, or group view. For more information on using each view mode, see:
  1. Using Class Grid View
  2. Using Class List View
  3. Using Class Group View
Teachers can also ask students to switch to Active Tab View (shows only the student's active browser tab) or Desktop View (shows all browser tabs a student has open). See  Using Student View Modes (Active Tab View vs. Desktop View).  

On student Chromebooks, teachers can switch between student Active Tab View and Desktop View. On Windows and Mac devices, teachers see student Desktop View.

End a Class

To end a class, select Exit Class on the Class Toolbar. Ending a class session will turn off any website restrictions the instructor may have had enforced.

Get Help

To obtain help or support, select GET HELP in the left navigation pane to go to the LanSchool Air Knowledge Base.

Send Feedback

To provide feedback, select SEND FEEDBACK in the left navigation menu, and then select which type of feedback to send.
  1. To submit or vote on new product ideas, select Visit for LanSchool Air
  2. To get help from our support team, select Visit LanSchool Air Help Center


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