General FAQ

General FAQ

What is LanSchool Air?

LanSchool Air was released in 2018 as a cloud-based alternative to LanSchool Classic, the popular Classroom Management software.  LanSchool Air includes the most popular features of LanSchool Classic in a way that's easy to setup and more flexible to use in environments where students are learning onsite, remotely, or a hybrid model.  To learn more about LanSchool Classic, see our LanSchool Classic knowledge base.

How is LanSchool Air licensed?

LanSchool Air offers a simple pricing model based on the number of student devices you plan to use it with. For more information on how to purchase licenses, or for contact information for our sales team, please visit the LanSchool Air purchasing page.  To provide additionly flexiblity, customers can choose between either LanSchool Air or LanSchool Classic without having to purchase new licenses.

When I complete my trial and purchase licenses, will I need to reconfigure or redeploy LanSchool Air?

No. When you purchase licenses, we apply those licenses to your trial account and convert it to a fully licensed account. Site admins for an organization can view the status of the organization's licenses at any time by navigating to SETTINGS > LICENSING within LanSchool Air.

Where can I find training and other helpful resources for admins and instructors?

Please visit our Customer Resource Center for links to LanSchool Air guides, videos, and training resources. If you're already a customer, reach out to our Customer Success team anytime!

Why does LanSchool Air say the organization is unverified?

A new trial account is "unverified" until a LanSchool Air representative verifies it. While LanSchool Air is in unverified state, students will be asked to approve or reject monitoring. For information on how to get an organization verified, see Verifying an Organization.

Can I deploy LanSchool Air to just some students and not to the entire school?

Yes. When deploying the LanSchool Air for Chromebooks app and browser extension from within the Google G Suite Admin console, you can select a specific organizational unit (OU) or sub-OU. The app will only be deployed to the student user accounts that reside in this OU and not for the entire school. When deploying LanSchool Air for Windows or LanSchool Air for macOS, we recommend using your preferred application deployment software to target the correct student devices.

Can LanSchool Air be installed on a device that already has LanSchool Classic installed?

Yes. LanSchool Air, our cloud version, and LanSchool Classic, our locally hosted version, can run simultaneously on the same student devices, including Chromebooks, Windows, and Mac devices. If a teacher is actively viewing the same device from both LanSchool Air and LanSchool Classic, conflicting behavior when using features like Web Limiting and Blank Screen may occur.

Does LanSchool Air require an onsite server?

No. LanSchool Air is entirely cloud-based and only requires an agent be installed locally on student devices.

Is Google Workspace for Education/Enterprise required?

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) and access to the Google Admin console is required if students are using Chromebooks. It is not required for students using Windows or Mac devices. For Chromebooks, the LanSchool Air client and extension must be deployed and configured through the Google Admin Console so that it is force installed for students when they login to the Chromebook. Using LanSchool Air with Chromebooks using consumer Gmail accounts is not supported.

Does LanSchool Air work in BYOD environments?

Yes. Students who use Chromebooks must log in to the Chromebook with their school-issued Google account in order to receive the LanSchool Air app and extension as configured within Google Admin.

For students using Windows or macOS devices, the LanSchool Air agent must be installed on student's devices. LanSchool Air allows teachers to provide these students with a unique link at the start of class to quickly provide them with the installer and add them to the right class. Students will need administrator permissions on their devices in order to install the client themselves. For more information on installing the client this way, see Installing LanSchool Air for Windows Student or Installing LanSchool Air for Mac Student.

When a student logs into the Chrome browser with their school account, the "LanSchool Air for Chromebooks" app and extension may install if it is associated with the user account. However, LanSchool Air cannot connect unless the full Windows or Mac agent (exe, msi, or pkg) is also installed on the device by the school or by the student.

Can LanSchool Air be restricted for use during school hours only?

Yes. Hours during which LanSchool Air can be used can be set using Active Hours. See the instructions for Configuring Active Hours.

Can student devices be monitored while the devices are at home?

If students are not engaged in remote learning, a site admin can prevent devices from being monitored while they are outside of the school's network. For instructions, see Configure IP Access Filtering.

Where can I find the LanSchool Air Privacy Statement and Terms of Service?

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