Troubleshooting Offline Students

Troubleshooting Offline Students


After clicking "Start Class", students that are using a device that has the LanSchool Air agent installed correctly will automatically appear as Online. Refer to Viewing Student Thumbnails to learn more about the different types of thumbnail images you might see for different scenarios.

If student devices are appearing in your class as "Offline", refer to the following steps to troubleshoot what could be causing this.

Steps for Teachers

Ensure the LanSchool Air Agent is on the Student Device

If a student is using a personal device, it's possible that the LanSchool Air client was not installed on that device. Check with your Site Administrator for more details.

For students using Chromebooks:

  1. The LanSchool Air app should be open and running in the student's App Shelf
  2. If not, open the Chrome browser on the student's Chromebook and go to chrome://extensions.
  3. Both LanSchool Air for Chromebooks and LanSchool Air Extension for Chromebooks should be listed. If one or both are not, contact your LanSchool Air Site Administrator. They can refer to the deployment instructions for Chromebooks.

For students using Windows or MacOS devices:

  1. The LanSchool Air app should be visible in the system tray or notification area. If the icon is there, the agent is running.

  2. If the LanSchool Air app does not appear in the system tray or notification area, contact your LanSchool Air Site Admin and ask for the client to be re-installed.

Check Student Client Status

After confirming that the LanSchool Air agent is installed and running on the student's device, from the student's device, click on the icon and look for a green, yellow, or red status icon. Click on that icon to see more information. For more information, see Viewing Student Client Status.

If the student client status is yellow or red, click on the icon for more information and contact your LanSchool Air Site Admin to help you troubleshoot. The client may need to be reinstalled, or there may be a restriction in place preventing the student from connecting.

If the student client status is green, the client is connected successfully. Confirm that the student is in your class roster and is logged in to their device with the correct username. Then try restarting the class.

Restart the Student's Device

In many cases, if the LanSchool Air client was successfully installed previously, but the student is suddenly appearing as Offline, restarting the student's device may resolve the issue.

For students using Chromebooks:
  1. Ask the student to select the time in the bottom right corner
  2. Click the Shut Down option

  3. Press the Power button on the device to turn the device back on
  4. At the Sign In screen, ask the student to login again with their school-managed account
For students using Windows:
  1. Ask the student to open the Start menu
  2. Select the Power button
  3. Select the Restart option

  4. After the device restarts, ask the student to login again with their school-managed account

Clear the Student's Profile from a Chromebook

If the student is using a Chromebook and is consistently appearing as "offline" in class, try removing and re-adding the student's user profile on the Chromebook.
  1. Have the student sign out of the Chromebook
  2. On the sign-in screen, click the profile that you want to remove
  3. Select the arrow to the right of the student's name
  4. Select Remove This Person
  5. When prompted to confirm, select Remove
  6. To re-add them, select Add Person in the lower left corner
  7. Ask the student to sign back into the Chromebook
  8. All extensions and settings should be refreshed for the student.

Ensure the Student or Device is in your Class Roster

Students who are logged in to Chromebooks are added to the roster as users. Students who are logged in using Windows or Mac devices must be added to the roster as devices. For more information, see the "Add Students or Devices to the Class Roster" section of Creating and Managing Classes.
Classes imported into LanSchool Air from Google Classroom only support Chromebook students at this time.

From the My Classes page:
  1. Select the Settings icon on the class card. The CLASSROOM SETTINGS page opens.

  2. Select STUDENTS. A list of students in the roster displays.

  3. Ensure that the student name or device is listed. To find students quickly, use the Search for a student search field.

  4. If the student is not listed, select the Add Student Devices button

  5. On the REGISTERED tab, search for the student or device and select the checkmark next to their name. Then select FINISH ADDING.
    1. If the student or device is not listed, check with your site administrator to see about getting LanSchool Air installed on that student's device.

Steps for Site Administrators

After following the Steps for Teachers items above (confirm the client is installed, check client status), Site Admins can troubleshoot further by referencing the following steps:

Ensure the Student Appears in the Students List

From the LanSchool Air left navigation menu, select SETTINGS > STUDENTS. The list of students displays on the right. If the student is not in the list, the student's device license has not been provisioned. Follow the steps in the next section. 

Open the Provisioning Window

  1. From the LanSchool Air left navigation menu, select SETTINGS > PROVISIONING.
  2. Toggle the switch to open the provisioning window and extend the close date further into the future.
  3. Ask the student to log in again to the student device. The student device should re-provision. If the device does not re-provision, follow the steps in the next section. 

Check the Network and Firewall Settings

Refer to the LanSchool Air System Requirements and ensure that all necessary URLs are allowed by your network firewall, security appliance, proxy, or content filter.

Ensure cookies are allowed for Chromebook students

Refer to Mass Deploying LanSchool Air for Chromebooks for more details on settings to confirm in the Google Admin console.
  1. Login to Google Admin
  2. Navigate to Devices > Chrome > Settings > Users & browsers
  3. Select the OU that contains your student user accounts
  4. In the Content section, next to Cookies, apply [*.] to Allow cookies for URL patterns. This allows the LanSchool Air student application to connect to the server if the student happens to block all cookies in the Chrome browser.
  5. Click SAVE

Check the Organization's License

  1. To check the organization's license status, log in to LanSchool Air and navigate to SETTINGS > LICENSING on the left navigation menu.

  2. If an organization has significantly exceeded the limit of licensed students, LanSchool Air will not provision new students. Contact for help with correcting the issue. In many cases, purchasing additional licenses is not required.

Contact LanSchool Air Support

If students still appear offline, please contact the  LanSchool Air Support Team.

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