Preparing LanSchool Air for a New School Year

Preparing LanSchool Air for a New School Year


As you start a new school year or semester, there are a few steps you can take ahead of time to ensure that LanSchool Air is ready to support your Teachers and Students for both in-person classes and remote learning.
Any Questions? Contact your Customer Success Manager for back to school best practices.

Step 1 - Remove All Students

Students come and go, and some of them may no longer be attending school in your district. Also, keep in mind that each student device uses a license. Rather than remove students one by one, you can remove them all in just a few steps.

Don't worry, student devices that still have the LanSchool Air agent installed will automatically re-provision (add) themselves back to your organization the next time they connect.
  1. Log into LanSchool Air as a Site Admin.
  2. Select the menu at the top left (three lines).
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Select Students.

  6. In the confirmation window, type the word REMOVE and select REMOVE.

This will remove these students from any manually-created classes.  Imported classes will not change and will continue to sync.

Step 2 - Adding / Provisioning Students

With student devices removed, the next step is to make sure returning students will automatically reconnect to your organization the next time their device is brought online.

Open the Provisioning Window

In order for student devices to rejoin your organization, your provisioning window must remain open. Navigate to Settings > Provisioning and set the window to Open. We recommend that you set the close date to the last day of school (Example: May 31st, 2021).

Windows & macOS Student Devices

If you mass deployed the LanSchool Air Student agent (either via MSI/PKG or Device Imaging), devices will automatically be re-provisioned the next time a user logs in and the device is online.

Any devices that were added using the “Add Device to Class” option from within class, will need to be re-installed. The teacher can run the Add Device wizard again to generate a new download link for the student device to us.


Confirm that the student accounts are in the correct student Organization Units in the Google Admin Console and that they are configured to have the LanSchool Air agent and extension force-installed via Google Admin. See Mass Deploying LanSchool Air for Chromebook Student for deployment setup.

Updating Class Rosters

Imported classes will not be modified and will continue to sync automatically. Any manually-created classes will need to be updated by the instructor as students may have been removed.

Step 3 - Add or Remove Instructors 

We recommend that you remove any Instructors who are no longer with the district. Also, ensure that people have the correct role(s) assigned to them.  To add manage Instructor and Site Admin accounts, please see  Adding New Instructors and Site Admins to LanSchool Air.

TIP: Instructor accounts can be automatically created and activated by integrating LanSchool Air with Azure Active Directory for Single Sign-On. For more information about integrating with Azure AD SSO please see Integrating LanSchool Air with Azure Active Directory.

Step 4 - Ensure Active Hours are Set

We recommend checking that your Active Hours times and start and stop dates for the new school year are set correctly.

You can either create new active hours or update existing active hours from Settings> General.

To edit existing active hours click on the 3 dot menu next to your Active Hours and select Edit in the drop down menu.

Ensure that your time zone, start and stop times and excluded dates (optional) are set.

For more information about creating new Active Hours, please see Configuring Active Hours

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