Creating and Managing Class Rosters Manually

Creating and Managing Class Rosters Manually


Classes can be created manually, or they can be imported from Google Classroom or Clever. If you plan to import classes, the method to use depends on method the LanSchool Air site administrator selected. For more information, see:
  1. Syncing and Unsyncing Classes from Google Classroom
  2. Setting Up the Secure Sync Between LanSchool Air and Clever (for Site Admins)
  3. Importing Class Rosters from OneRoster CSV Files (for Site Admins)

Creating a Custom Class

  1. Log in to LanSchool Air. 

    If your organization uses Google Classroom, Clever or CSV Import you may already see classes listed.

  2. Click the Create New Class    tile.

The Classroom Settings page displays.   

Add Class Details

  1. Provide a name and description for the class.

  2. Click Create Class.

  3. Select a Banner image for the class and click Done.

    TIP: Select from several numerical banner images to easily identify 3rd period from 4th period.


Add Students or Devices to the Class Roster

When you add a student Chromebook to a class, you are adding the user. When you add a student Windows or Mac device to a class, you are adding the device. 
  1. Select Students to add the student(s) to a class.

  2. Click on Add Student Devices to open the list of all student devices currently registered to your LanSchool Air organization.

    • Search for a student using part of their name or their device name.
    • Select students individually by selecting the check box next to each student's name.

    • Instructors can add up to 100 students to a single class.

  3. Select Finish Adding

What if my student is not registered in LanSchool Air?

Student devices are added to the Registered List after the LanSchool Air agent has been installed on their device. For Chromebook students, this means they will need to login to their device before being registered for the first time. For more information on installing the agent on student devices see these articles for Chromebook, Windows, and Mac.

Why do student names sometimes change after adding them to my class?

When creating custom classes, Windows and Mac student devices are added to the roster as devices. This means that the student name associated with the device will change when a new student logs in. To create a class roster in LanSchool Air that follows the user instead of the device, the roster must be imported them from Clever or OneRoster CSV

Adding Co-Teachers

Instructors can add other instructors to a class to be able to monitor and manage the class together. A co-teacher could be a classroom aid, a substitute, or an administrator. For more information about co-teaching see Using Co-Teaching.
  1. Select Instructors to add co-teachers to the class.

  2.  In the search field, type in the name or email of the instructor you wish to add to your class.

  3. Once you have found your co-teacher, click Add Instructor.

  4. Select Done.

Changing Student Name Display

Instructors can choose to display the device name instead of the Student Name. To make this change, click on Configuration and select Device Name (instead of Student Name). Then select Done.

Edit a Class

You can edit your class settings, including your class roster, at any time. To make changes to your class, click on the Settings icon on the class card to open the Classroom Settings. Make your changes and click Done.

Configuring Additional Class Settings

Web Limiting settings apply to each class and can be configured by opening Classroom Settings for that class. For more information about creating web limiting lists see: 
  1. Using Web Limiting
Blank Screen settings apply to all classes and can be configured by opening Classroom Settings for any class. For more information, see:
  1. Using Blank Screen

Remove a Class

Custom classes that are created by an instructor can be deleted by that instructor. Classes imported from Clever, Google Classroom, or OneRoster CSV will be deleted from LanSchool Air automatically after being removed from the external source. To hide imported classes from the My Classes page, see Customizing the My Classes Page.
  1. From the My Classes page, select the Settings icon on the class card to open the Classroom Settings.

  2. Select Configuration.

  3. Click Delete Class.

     If the Delete button is not available and says Sync instead, that means you have a Google Classroom class loaded. 

  4. On the confirmation dialog, click Delete.

Google Classroom, Clever and CSV Rostering class rosters cannot be modified or deleted. Google Classroom classes can be modified or removed in Google Classroom. Clever and CSV Import classes can be modified or removed by your Site Admin. 

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