Using Class Group View

Using Class Group View


Switching to Group View allows instructors to position student screens in a way aligns with how they manage the classroom. For example, an instructor might group students together that need to managed more closely. Another group might contain students who are offline.

For a detailed look at using other view layouts in LanSchool Air, see the following articles:
  1. Using Class Group View (this article) to organize students into groups.
  2. Using Class List View to see a list of all students and control browser tabs.
  3. Using Class Grid View to see a thumbnail image of each student's screen.

Create a New Group

  1. Ensure you have started the class and that all students with whom to interact are online. 
  2. Select Group View   from the Class Toolbar

  3. Select ADD GROUP.

  4. Enter a name for the new group, and then select CREATE.

Move a Student to Another Group

To move students from one group to another you can either drag and drop the student tile into another group or select the three-dot menu at the bottom right of the student tile and select Move > [Group Name].

Change a Group Name

If you need to change the name of a group, select the group name ( a check mark will appear next to the blank line ). Enter the new group name and select the check mark. 

Group View Menu

Group View provides a menu for each group where the group can be moved, deleted, or have certain actions selected.

Move or Delete Groups

To move a group up or down on the classes page, or to delete a group, select the three-dot menu  at the far right of the group's title bar.

    1. Select the location to which to move the group.

    2. Select Delete Group to delete the group.

Group View Actions

Instructors can choose certain actions for select groups. To access the list of actions, select the three three-dot menu  at the far right of the group's title bar.

Select an action from the menu.

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