Using Co-Teaching

Using Co-Teaching


Instructors can add other instructors to a class to be able to monitor and manage the class together. A co-teacher could be a classroom aid, a substitute, or an administrator.

Co-teaching allows multiple instructors to all engage with the same students simultaneously in a collaborative and intuitive way.

Co-teachers within Google Classroom , Clever or CSV Import will be automatically added to the imported class.

Enabling Co-Teaching

  1. Log in to LanSchool Air.

  2. On the My Classes Page, click on the instructor icon to add instructors to the class.

  3. Under Classroom Settings, select Instructors.

  4. In the search field, type in the name or email of the instructor you wish to add to your class.

    1. Instructors must already have an activated LanSchool Air account before they can be added to a class.
    2. The instructor who creates the manual class is the lead instructor.
    3. Only lead instructors can change the class name or delete the class.
    4. Instructors and co-teachers imported from Google Classroom, Clever or CSV Import cannot be removed.
    5. Co-teachers can be added to an imported class through Classroom Settings.
    6. You can add up to 20 instructors in one class.

  5. Once you have found your co-teacher, click Add Instructor.

  6. Select Done.

Using Co-Teaching in the Classroom

Starting a Class

When a co-teacher is added to a class, they will see the class they were added to appear on their My Classes Page.

Co-teachers do not have to join a class for the class to start, they can join or start a class at any time.

When a class has started before the co-teacher joins, it will show Active on the class card.

An active class will show the names of the active instructors in the classroom.

Using Classroom Features

Co-teachers can adjust their classroom view without affecting other instructors in the class.

The last action will take precedent. If the lead instructor blanks the student screens a co-teacher can un-blank the screens.

Both instructors can receive chats from students and chat with the classroom. Co-teachers can also chat with students individually and other instructors can view those chats.

Co-teachers cannot chat with other co-teachers in LanSchool Air.

Editing Classroom Settings

Co-teachers are able to edit classroom settings. They can: 

  1. Add or remove students from the class.
  2. Add or remove instructors except for the lead instructor(s).
  3. Add or remove websites from the web limiting lists.
  4. Change which web limiting list to use.
  5. Edit the blank screen message.

Leaving a Class

If there are multiple active instructors in a class, the instructor(s) will be prompted to leave or end the class. If a co-teacher needs to leave a class, they can choose to leave the class without ending the class for the other instructor(s). If the class has ended, they can choose to end the class.

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