Importing Class Rosters from Clever

Importing Class Rosters from Clever


LanSchool Air supports using Clever as a source for class rosters. With Clever integration, instructors will not need to manually create classes and manually add students to their class rosters. Instructors can still create their own classes manually, but classes synced to Clever from your district's SIS will appear automatically for them.

Adding Instructors

At this time, LanSchool Air does not support using Clever for authentication. Instructors must be added to LanSchool Air by a Site Admin using the email invitation process. See  Adding Instructors for more information. Instructors can login to LanSchool Air using a password, the Sign in with Google button, or with Single Sign-On through Azure Active Directory.

Clever Integration Tips

  1. Using Clever as a source for class rosters will disable Google Classroom sync for instructors. Since rosters imported from Google Classroom only support Chromebook students, many customers choose to use Clever as a rostering source when their students are using Windows or macOS devices.

  2. To add student devices to LanSchool Air, the client must be deployed and the devices must be provisioned. Refer to the LanSchool Air Setup Guide for more instructions.

  3. LanSchool Air will display all of the classes (sections) that have been shared from Clever. To limit which terms or semesters are shared with LanSchool Air, ask your Clever District Admin to modify the Sharing Rules from within the Clever Dashboard. More information is available here:

  4. After successfully syncing Clever rosters with LanSchool Air, Site Administrators can confirm an instructor's rosters are correct by finding their account in Admin Settings > People and selecting Show Classes.


  1. Clever Secure Sync must already be configured between your Student Information System (SIS) and Clever. To get started, visit
  2. For Chromebook students, students must have their Google Workspace email address populated in Clever's email field (e.g.
  3. For Windows and macOS student devices, students must have their local device login name populated in Clever's credentials.district_username field (e.g. jsmith).
These data field requirements (email and username) allow LanSchool Air to match the student in the roster to the device they are logged in to. If your data does not meet these requirements or if you have any questions, please contact the Customer Success Team.

Step 1 - Setup Data Sharing

  1. A Clever District Admin can initiate the process by requesting to connect with LanSchool via the Clever App Library by clicking Request application. Alternatively, contact your district's LanSchool Customer Success Manager and we can get the process started for you.

  2. Once the request to share has been approved, your Clever District Admin will select which data to share with LanSchool by ensuring that the Accept with recommended sharing radio button is selected and clicking Continue . Most districts share data based on which schools will be using LanSchool Air.

  3. Once sharing rules are accepted and the sync is launched, it may take up to two hours for the initial data sync to occur.

  4. That’s it! Updates to any class rosters made in your Student Information System (SIS) will be synced to Clever based on your Secure Sync schedule. Once in Clever, those updates will be synced to LanSchool Air on a nightly basis.

  5. Follow the rest of the guide to make the Clever Rosters available to your teachers in LanSchool Air. 

Step 2 - Import Clever Rosters

  1. Log in to LanSchool Air as a user with the Site Admin role. 

  2. Open the sidebar menu and navigate to  Settings > Setup. When the Setup pane opens, scroll down and click the Clever tile to enable.  
  3. Enabling Clever disables the ability for teachers to sync LanSchool Air with Google Classroom. Any classes that were imported from Google Classroom will be removed from LanSchool Air. They will not be removed from Google Classroom.

    A confirmation dialog displays. 

  4. Click CONFIRM.

  5. If it's your first time enabling Clever Integration, a browser window displays, prompting you to login to Clever. Site Admins must authenticate to Clever as a District Admin, Teacher, or staff member. This will connect your entire LanSchool Air organization to Clever. Search for your school name, enter your username and password, and then click Log in.   

  6. With Clever Integration active, teachers will automatically see their Clever classes appear in LanSchool Air. These classes cannot be modified or removed from within LanSchool Air. All modifications must be made in the district’s Student Information System (SIS) that is synced with Clever. 

  7. (Optional) Clever classes sync with LanSchool Air automatically every night. To force a manual resync: 
    1. Log in to LanSchool Air as a user with the Site Admin role. 
    2. Open the sidebar menu. 
    3. Navigate to Settings > Setup.
    4. Select the Refresh icon on the Clever tile to initiate a full re-sync.

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