Managing Instructors and Site Admin Accounts

Managing Instructors and Site Admin Accounts


When your LanSchool Air organization is first created, it contains a single user account. This account is assigned the Site Admin role. One of the primary tasks of the Site Admin is to invite other users to use LanSchool Air. These users can be Instructors or even other Site Admins.

Another way to create instructor accounts is to integrate LanSchool Air with Azure Active Directory for Single Sign-On. For more information about integrating with Azure AD SSO please see  Integrating LanSchool Air with Azure Active Directory.


  1. As a Site Admin, login to LanSchool Air using your email address and the password that you set during the initial setup. If your organization was created by Lenovo Software on your behalf, use the temporary password provided to you.

  2. Once logged in, open the left navigation menu and select  SETTINGS

  3. Click on the People tab and select Add Person.

  4. There two ways to add people. Select one of the methods listed below.

Add Users Individually

  1. Enter the email addresses of other users you wish to invite to LanSchool Air (separated by a comma, space or semicolon). Be sure to select the initial role for the users (Site Admin or Instructor).

  2. Click  SEND INVITE  to send an email to the user containing a link to create their own LanSchool Air account that is part of your organization.

A user with the Site Admin role can add/remove users, manage provisioned devices, modify Active Hours, and IP Access Filter settings. A Site Admin can also create classes, start classes, and manage student devices just like an instructor

Add Users in Bulk (CSV file)

You can add multiple users by uploading a properly formatted CSV file.
  1. On the Add People page, select UPLOAD CSV.

  2. Select the Download template option to download the CSV template to help you get started.

  3. Once you have added the instructor names and email addresses to the template and saved, click SELECT FILE. 
  4. Choose the correct CSV file and select UPLOAD.

  5. Teacher that have not yet been invited will receive an email invite and will appear as Pending under the INVITED tab. 

Re-Send an Expired or Pending Invitation

To check whether an instructor or another site admin has accepted an invitation, log in to LanSchool Air as a site admin and navigate to  SETTINGS > PEOPLE . Users who have accepted invitations are listed under  REGISTERED . Pending or expired invitations can be found under  INVITED .

If an account is not activated within 30 days, a site admin must send a new activation link. Instructors must contact a site admin to ask for a new invitation.

Select the menu to the right of the user, and select either  RESEND INVITE or  CANCEL INVITE.

If you sent the invites using a CSV file, re-uploading the CSV file will resend the email invites to the pending or expired users and will ignore the accounts already created. 

Filtering User Accounts

To make finding Site Admin or Instructor accounts easier, Site Admins can set a filter that will show either only Site Admin or Instructor accounts. If Azure AD was used to add accounts, you can filter by account type, LanSchool Air or Azure AD.

Site Admins can set the filter in Settings>>People. Click on Filter, choose either the Role or Type and select Apply.

Editing User Accounts

If changes need to be made to an instructor or site admin account, a Site Admin can make these changes in Settings>>People. Click on the 3 dot menu next to the user account and select Edit to edit the account.

Site Admins can Edit:
  1. Change a user's first and last name
  2. Disable the account without deleting it
  3. Request a password reset, this will send a password reset email to that user
  4. Change the access type from Instructor to Site Admin

Site Admins cannot edit Azure AD accounts

Viewing Instructor Class Roster

Site admins can view instructors' class rosters, where the rosters are originating from i.e. Clever, Google Classroom, if the class is visible to the instructor and view students in the class.

  1. In LanSchool Air, go to Settings>>People.
  2. Click on the 3 dot menu next to the user account and select Show Classes to view the classes.

  3. Click on the number next to a class to view the students in that class.

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