Controlling Student Browser Tabs

Controlling Student Browser Tabs


Controlling browser tabs is currently supported for students using Chromebooks. Students on Windows or macOS devices will only display the most recently viewed website.

In List View, you have added controls over tabs on a student's screen. To display students in List View, click the List View icon . You can:
  1. View all tabs a student has open
  2. Take a screen shot of a student's active tab
  3. Close a tab on a student's computer
  4. Add a website a student is viewing to the add or blocked websites list

View a Student's Open Tabs

To view a student's open tabs, select a student from the class list. The student card displays to the right. 
  1. The website address for the student's active tab and the number of tabs the student has open display in the class list
  2. On the student's card, an image of the student's active tab shows at the top
  3. A list of website addresses for all tabs the student has open displays under the image (Chromebook students only)
  4. If the student is in Desktop View, all tabs are also visible above the image on the card

Close a Tab on a Student's Computer

  1. Select a student from the class list. The student's card displays on the right. 

  2. In the section that lists the website addresses for tabs the student has open, hover your cursor to the right of the tab to close. The View Actions menu icon  appears.

  3. Click the View Actions menu icon . The View Actions menu opens.

  4. Select Close Tab.

    The tab closes on the student's computer.

Add a Student's Tab to Allowed or Blocked Websites

  1. Select a student from the class list. The student's card displays on the right. 

  2. In the section that lists the website addresses for tabs the student has open, hover your cursor to the right of the tab to close. The View Actions menu icon  appears.

  3. Click the View Actions menu icon . The View Actions menu opens.

  4. Do one of the following:

    1. Select Add to allowed websites to add the website to the list of sites a student is permitted to visit

    2. Select Add to block websites to block the student from visiting the website again

      The Add or Blocked website list is updated for the student. If the site was added to the Blocked list, the student will no longer be able to access the site. 

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